Daymond’s Conversation with CityLine

CityLine held a Conversation with Daymond John:

One man. Many hats … and T-shirts. Daymond John has done it all. He took 10 T-shirts and created the $400 million empire, FUBU, which revolutionized hip-hop fashion around the world. Now he is on the cast of Shark Tank, ABC’s entrepreneurial business show. He is considered a business guru and is the author of two books. John is also called upon frequently to speak about his success.

Daymond is very vocal about the importance of young people getting into the entrepreneurial spirit! On May 5, 2012 be sure to find one of the many lemonade stands around Boston thanks to Babson College’s Lemonade Day.

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CityLine Segment 1

CityLine Segment 2

CityLine Segment 3

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