Daymond and NASCAR Rookie Alex Bowman Forge Sports Business Partnership

If handled properly in manner others had ignored, NASCAR could be John’s latest Golden Child.

He saw a chance to take NASCAR in a new direction, moving away from old-school sponsors and into a 21st century marketplace. His mind started to run.

What could a race car sponsored by smartphone apps, energy drinks and electronics and social media companies look like? What if he could create an image that appealed to young people, broadening auto racing’s appeal beyond a demographic that has defined the sport for years?

But he needed a face and a personality to build around.

That’s when he met Alex Bowman.

It’s clear from the get-go that Alex Bowman isn’t the poster boy for your father’s NASCAR. Yet, despite the uncertainty of Bowman’s future, one thing stuck out to John. The kid had a certain marketability. “I’ve got a good history of taking people and products that I believe in and they become unstoppable,” John says. “And Alex is going to be unstoppable.”

Read the whole story behind Daymond and Bowman’s partnership at The Post Game.


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