Daymond Moving From FUBU to NASCAR

NASCAR Nationwide Series rookie Alex Bowman hired Daymond John to handle his marketing.

Aside from his work in the fashion world, John pushes companies and individuals to break through the clutter with his Shark Branding consulting company.

John liked sports, but nothing ever really stood out for him, save for briefly sponsoring boxer Lennox Lewis and licensing the Harlem Globetrotters for a FUBU line. That was until a 19-year-old race car driver named Alex Bowman, who drives for RAB racing, called him last year to help him sell sponsorship on his new Nationwide car.

“First of all, I liked the fact that he was successful, because if the product isn’t good, everything else goes out the window,” John said.

Bowman says he hopes John’s impact can re-energize the typical sponsor marketplace. “You see the same companies just rotate to sponsor different race teams,” Bowman said. “With Daymond, I’d imagine we’re creating a new market for some companies to be on the track.”

Read the rest of what Daymond and Alex Bowman have to say at ESPN. 


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