Inside the Shark Tank with Daymond John

In this interview with David Brier, Daymond gives an exclusive sneak peek into the hit business reality show Shark Tank.

“This season, we have an amazing number of celebrities pitching the Sharks.That’s a new facet that has its own unique dynamic”

“Since this isn’t our first rodeo with each other, we’ve each done deals with other sharks (or have gotten screwed by sharks in the past) so viewers will likely see a little disdain we have for each other growing even deeper than in the past”

“There’s a growing trend of knowing the show, knowing the Sharks and still being too greedy with a valuation. That alone is suicide a certainly a deal breaker. When they’re that naive, they then turn around and regret not getting a deal, like the Sharks ‘didn’t get it’ ”

-Daymond John

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