Daymond’s Shark Tank Stories

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Shark Tank investor? Daymond was interviewed by Business Insider to discuss how he made it to this point of his career, and what it means to be on the show. He talks about his mother’s influence on his success, competing with the other sharks and some of his favorite investments. Check out the full article here!


Daymond also discussed what he looks for in a pitch. He said the most important thing is that he looks to invest in the person more than the company. Take a look at some of his advice by reading the full article!


Daymond has been involved in many deals, but there have been some he wishes he could be a part of. Want to know which one he says was “like getting smacked down on television”? Take a look at this article!


Daymond also talked about some of the books that have helped him throughout his business career. Have you read any of these?



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