President Obama Gives Speech In Cuba; Daymond John Recognized

Daymond was recognized during President Obama's speech about entrepreneurship in Cuba, where he joined the President to help encourage young business men and women tap into their potential.

"Here today, we’re doing even more to empower Cuban entrepreneurs.  I know you’ve been networking with each other and potential American partners.  Innovators in business -- like Airbnb’s Brian Chesky -- are sharing the lessons that they’ve learned.  We’ve got a shark here named Daymond John -- for those of you who don't know, there’s a show in America called Shark Tank, which is an outstanding show where, on television, young entrepreneurs bring their ideas and present them, and they try to get some financing right there on the air.  And it's a fun show to watch.  Julie Hanna supports entrepreneurs all over the world with micro-financing.  So give them your best pitch.  They just might bite and decide to invest. "

Read President Obama's full speech on entrepreneurship here.  

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