Yuval Ben-Itzhak - The Social Media Expert

Yuval Ben-Itzhak is CEO of Socialbakers and a commentator in the media, speaking on topics such as the future of mobile, security, privacy, and innovation. He served as CTO as Outbrain, AVG Technologies, and Finjan, all companies in the technology industry. Yuval got into the social media industry as early as 2003 and has acquired a wealth of knowledge about social media since then.

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Yuval, CEO of Socialbakers. Socialbakers is a social media company that provides tools like analytics and competitive reporting for companies, such as my own! Yuval knows the ins and outs of social media: learning about your audience, boosting engagement, sizing up your competition, what to put money into and more. 

Check out our interview below! Keep scrolling for links and show notes...


Show Notes:

  • Yuval is currently living in Prag- find out what social media platform was the first to come to Prag and what year this happened [02:34]
  • When does Yuval think that technology began to enable social media [04:26]
  • Why is social media crucial for consumer businesses? [05:00]
  • For those who are cultivating a specific social media presence, what is Yuval’s advice for monitoring metrics? [05:50]
  • Why social media platforms are not a one size fits all [06:24]
  • Yuval explains the importance of building your funnel - what does he mean by this? [10:24]
  • Find out more about competitive reporting [13:23]
  • Find out the importance of social media listening [17:16]
  • Yuval’s step by step guide for those looking to invest in their social media brand [19:10]

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