Fix Your Failing Social Media

Does this sound like you?

You created social media accounts for your business, you’re posting whenever you get a chance, you have pretty good content and you’re pushing sales in most of your posts… 

BUT, you’re still not getting the traction you need to set a solid online foundation for your business. I’m about to break down why. Listen, there are 5 key mistakes I see businesses making on social media over and over again. These mistakes will hold your brand back and make all the time and work you put into your social media, to be blunt, useless.

So, what are the 5 biggest mistakes businesses make on social media?


Guys, posting whenever you get a chance or waiting until you get the “right” content is not an effective social media strategy. It’s not really a strategy at all! 

If you want to expand all of your other marketing efforts, build brand awareness, drive word of mouth and attract buyers, your social media has got to look like you’re posting on purpose. 

Sorry, but you need a real plan! Life gets in the way all the time as an entrepreneur, and if you don’t have content planned out in advance, it’s likely it won’t be at the top of your to-do list when you get busy.


I’ve said it before, but consistency is key. This goes for all of your goals in life, but right now we are talking about your goals on social media.

If you’re not posting consistently enough to establish some credibility and familiarity with your target audience, somebody else is! This is where planning your content comes in - if you have content already ready to go, it’s easy to schedule it out consistently. 

Not only do you need to make yourself known to your audience, you need to make yourself known to the algorithm too. When you post consistently, your posts get shown more often.

I turned the content calendar I use for all my businesses into a free guide that gives you all the details about how often you really need to be posting. Grab it here!


Yes, the reason why you’re putting so much effort into your social media is so that you
can make sales, but building a community and providing value is the only way to build trust on social media. And guess how many sales you get if no one trusts you?

Consumers are smarter than you think - they can tell when a company is only trying to pull money out of them vs. when a company actually wants to connect with their customers. Some good ways to get to know your audience are to use polls and questions. Let them tell you what type of content they want to see instead of assuming you know!

Here’s my golden rule: 80% of your content should be branded content, informational content, relatable content, funny content. The other 20%? That’s where you plan your hard-sales.


Listen, most people are thinking about themselves 90% of the time. Which is why it makes sense you’d speak about yourself - your brand, your experiences, etc. 

It’s great for your followers to get to know you! The thing is, though, your followers are more interested in themselves. When you’re planning your content, think about how you’d react if you were reading it. AKA, “What’s in it for me?” 

Your content should be a) improving their lives b) solving their problems or c) both. I know you may think your product/service alone is enough, but you’ve got to tell your audience about why it’ll help them.


You know that feeling when you text someone and don’t get a response? Yeaaa. That’s the way your followers are feeling when they don’t get a comment back online…. And it doesn’t feel great.

If you’re trying to build an online presence to reach your revenue goals, connecting with your customers, or potential customers, is huge. You know why they call it social media? Because it’s SOCIAL. If you’re not responding, you’re not being social. If you’re not being social, you’re not showing your customers you care about them.

In today’s online world, comments are currency. So if they took the time out of their day to leave a comment on your post, leave a comment back. Even an emoji is better than nothing! Businesses who don’t really care about their customers fail, so be a business that cares.

Comments are also free and easy feedback. No more focus groups, no more case studies - you’ve got it all on social media. Talking to your customers is the best market research you could ever do, and it’s at your fingertips!


These 5 mistakes are mistakes you
can’t afford to make if you’re serious about growing your business. 

The way to make sure you avoid all these mistakes? My content team’s “secret weapon” - Our Content Calendar System.

free social media content calendar template tips
A quality content calendar is the key to fixing all these mistakes for good.

Don’t know how to plan your content? Content calendar! Don’t have a consistent posting schedule? Content calendar! Focusing too much on sales? Plan out community-based posts on your content calendar!

Using a social media content calendar saves you an entrepreneur’s hottest commodity: time. Time saved worrying about what to post = more time to connect with your customers online and focus on them. 

I’ve used this EXACT content calendar for my multi-billion dollar businesses, my Shark Tank Entrepreneurs and my consulting clients. With this system, we’re able to strategically plan out our content, be consistent, and save time. 

This is your chance to “steal” the resource I use every single day in my businesses. The best part? It’s completely free. That’s right, I got you guys! 

All you have to do is download the content calendar framework and template, and boom: You just avoided years of trials, testing and headaches. Now get to planning!

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