What I learned From Sitting Down With A Millennial - BELAY Video Series

Last fall, Raj Jana was the lucky winner of Power Meetings with Daymond John, a contest I ran with virtual solutions company, BELAY.  The 4 winners of this contest each won a 45-minute consultation with me to discuss their business and strategize for growth and expansion.

I was immediately impressed by Raj.  People often get the wrong impression of millennials, but Raj is a prime example of a laser-focused millennial who has been able to take a traditional product, coffee, and turn it into a lifestyle with JavaPresse Coffee Company.  Thanks to BELAY, I was able to sit down with Raj, hear his story and encourage him to continue nurturing the community he has created with JavaPresse.

Check out this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at our meeting and the amazing experience that BELAY created for the Power Meeting winners.

BELAY is a virtual solutions company specializing in bookkeeping, copywriting, web support, and executive assistance. BELAY equips you with trusted support that allows you to focus on your goals, navigate operational gaps, alleviate risk, and free up your organization to climb higher. Find out more about BELAY’s virtual staffing solutions at www.belaysolutions.com.

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