Jon Marino - The Strategies That Will Monetize Your Content

One of my latest PowerTalk guests, Jon Marino found himself in a position like many people I talk to every day...  he was stuck in a career he wasn’t passionate about!  When you spend mental space in an unfulfilling career, your personal and professional life suffer.

Luckily for Jon, something clicked for him in 2006: Digital Marketing was his true calling. 

Since then, Jon taught himself, and mastered the craft of turning content into revenue online... and his strategies work even when you don’t have a product of your own to sell.

You see, people pour their heart and soul into writing blogs, creating videos, and building social media followings.  Content creators impact tens-of-thousands of people as they teach, inspire, and in other ways better the life of their audience. 

Jon reasoned he could help content creators impact even more people if he could help them monetize the content they already create.

So he organized a simple, foolproof content monetization strategy with content creators in mind.   He calls this strategy AMP, and it's the backbone of his agency, QueueSimple.   

The results are amazing!  One of his client’s businesses grew over 23X in 6 months.  Another took her online revenue from $0 to $2,847.53 per month in 60 days. 

In this Power Talk, Jon walks you through exactly what you can do right now to monetize your own content ... even if you don't have a product of your own!

Check out our interview below + keep scrolling for more links and show notes… 


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Show notes:

3:28 - How Jon went from studying engineering to becoming a digital marketer.
8:18 - What is digital marketing?
10:37 - How to monetize your content without having something to sell.
18:40 - Tips for your digital marketing ventures.
21:56 - How to respond to negative comments on your social media.


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