Teaching kids financial literacy with Kyren Gibson- “I’d rather pay my mortgage than buy a pair of shoes”

Today I sat down with Kyren Gibson, who has built a following of over 365K on Instagram (@kyng_kyren) by showing the public how he teaches his son about financial literacy. Kyren dedicated his life to educating his son, Kyng, when he lost his college scholarship after the death of his grandmother and another family member. Kyren has been educating his son about financial literacy since he was just six years old, and now both of them inspire the rest of us to learn more about financial intelligence. 

In order to help other kids, parents and adults all around the world, Kyren also created a line of financial literacy coloring books, workbooks and cards. I believe financial intelligence is something we can all improve on, so make sure to watch this PowerTalk!

To find out more about his brand, visit kyngkyren.com.

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Show Notes:

0:00 Start
3:05 - Kyren’s educational history and why he values knowledge.
5:51 - Why he could bounce back from the hardships he faced.
11:10 - Why you shouldn’t keep buying things.
25:15 - How to get access to Kyren’s educational resources.


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