Tasha Terria - Improve your Credit Score Right Now

I got to talk to an old friend and former Red Lobster co-worker, Tasha Terria, AKA the “Credit Ninja.” She authored the book The Ultimate Credit Tracker and works as a credit specialist for celebrities, helping people everywhere learn how to take control of their credit score. Tasha has helped me improve my credit over the years after classic credit mistakes and suffering from what I like to call “over-balling!” 

In this video, we talk about:

  • Tips for what to do after a loss of income
  • Holding your creditors accountable 
  • How to keep a good credit score

If you have ever struggled with your credit score, or just want to learn more about managing your credit efficiently, this PowerTalk is for you! 

Keep scrolling for links and show notes...


Show notes: 

  • 1:45 - 8:50 - Tips to better your credit
  • 8:51 - 12:12 - Having multiple credit cards
  • 12:14 - 14:43 - Adjust your mindset towards paying your bills 
  • 14:44 - 23:00 - Q&A - Helping people improve their credit
  • 23:01 - 25:25 - How to extend the time you have to pay your bills
  • 26:11 - 26:52 - Ultimate Credit Tracker
  • 26:53 - 27:19 - How to check your credit score for free

Purchase The Ultimate Credit Tracker today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Walmart. You can also purchase it at www.ultimatecredit-tracker.com.


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