Stop Settling: Get What You Want With The Power of Negotiation

Negotiating. Either you love it or you hate it - It makes you feel energized and powerful or anxious and terrified

The power to negotiate (well) can CHANGE YOUR LIFE! But this fear you have about negotiating is exactly why:

- you feel stuck
- you can’t get ahead and
- you are not getting what you deserve.

It’s also exactly why I have been writing my 5th book, Powershift, for the last 2 years. 

I think it comes down to this: We’ve gotten to this point where we don’t know how to put ourselves first (even when it’s good for us) and we are afraid to ask for what we need. And so we wait... and wait.... and wait some more. But since when has waiting around ever gotten you what you want?

The power to be a strong negotiator is within us all. But there is an art and a science to successful negotiating. And the first steps?

Conquer your fear and make the first move. 

Take Shark Tank, for example. You might have noticed that the entrepreneurs make the first move when they pitch their business to us. What you might not know, is that this is intentionally designed to benefit the entrepreneurs.

Think about it like this: when the entrepreneurs fill us in on exactly what we need to know before we ask them anything, it gives them the opportunity to write the narrative  themselves. They are essentially telling us that they’re not interested in hearing what we think their company should be worth because  they already know their worth.  There is SO much power in knowing the value you bring to the table!

The fact is, if you wait for someone else to make the first move, this gives them the chance to write your story, giving them the upper hand. Remember, this is your story to tell! When you can present your narrative from a place of integrity, other people will know:

- They need to take you seriously and
- You will not settle for less than you’re worth.

Of course, this applies to so much more than pitching a business on Shark Tank. It affects every relationship you have; whether you are asking for a raise or promotion at work, working out a deal with a vendor, or even just setting curfew rules with your kids. Literally, every aspect of your life can benefit from knowing how to negotiate! 

Getting what you want starts with deserving it - putting in the work, knowing your stuff, EARNING it. But that's not enough. If you know you deserve more and you want it? Then you need to make the first move and lead the conversation.

As you’ll read in my upcoming book, Powershift, making the first move was a key factor in the success of Pitbull, Clay Newbill, and myself - and there are instances in the stories of all 13 people  I interviewed where they had to step up to the plate and make the first move. It paid off for all of us, and I know that it will pay off for you, too. 

Ready to start getting what you want? I'm so excited to teach you more about how to negotiate your way to the top. Pre-order your copy of Powershift, today. 

Can't wait?

Download the first chapter of Powershift: Transform Any Situation, Close Any Deal, and Achieve Any Outcome.

I want to hear from you! What can you do TODAY to take back the power in your relationships?


Powershift reminds us that we can always recapture a sense of power and command, at work or at play, as long as we recognize that our ability to influence an outcome comes from our ability to build influence, our negotiating skills, and our dedication to nurturing and sustaining our relationships.

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