Raising Financially Responsible Kids!

It’s no secret that children learn through play, and learning about money is no different! 

As you probably know, I have my first children’s book Little Daymond Learns to Earn, coming out in March 2023. This book features Little Daymond and his friends teaching your little ones all about using creativity and teamwork to learn about money and business.

Before the release of my new children’s book, my team and I have created additional free resources to kickstart your kids' interest in money and business.  My brand new money toolkit, Little Daymond Dollars Activity Guide, is perfect for parents and teachers to print off for their kids. Kids are able to quickly grasp the concept of money just by using the Little Daymond Dollars Activity Guide

This activity guide can be a great way to start money discussions with your kids or students and is a perfect way for them to learn about the value of money while also having fun!

Download this free activity here and join my mission to make financial intelligence accessible and impactful here!

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