Lewis Howes - A Hundred Million Lives A Week

“I’ve never been afraid to get punched in the face before I started.” - Lewis Howes 

Lewis Howes is a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker with a top 100 globally ranked podcast, The School of Greatness. He is a master at letting failure drive him to success AND teaching the world how to do the same.

Not too many people can honestly say they want to make an impact on 100 million lives A WEEK, but Lewis Howes accomplishes more than this every single day. Our conversation started off with dad jokes but shortly after our giggling Lewis got brutally honest with me about failure, embarrassment, embracing remote work, finding your worth as an employee, and the power of networking. 

Catch the full interview below! Keep scrolling for links and show notes...


Show Notes:

  • From NFL athlete to entrepreneur - How did Lewis make this transition at such a young age? [05:00]
  • For those that are ready to powershift their lives but are scared - What advice does Lewis have? [07:38]
  • How do Daymond and Lewis cope with failures and mistakes? [08:00]
  • From growing up and having nothing to being an adult and having everything - how does Daymond teach his children the value of money? [13:10]
  • Why does Lewis believe we should crave embarrassment? [15:00]
  • Lewis has always been on the forefront of remote leadership - how is he improving remote leadership now? [18:20]
  • What is Lewis’ advice for employees fighting unemployment or looking for work? [22:35]
  • Find out about Lewis’ marriage, separation, and vow renewal with Linkedin [24:00]
  • Lewis has taken advantage of technology since the beginning of his career - but what is his goal? [26:20]

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