Power Talk with Lewis Howes - "I'm not afraid to get punched in the face"


Lewis Howes is a master at letting failure drive him to success AND teaching the world how to do the same.

Not too many people can honestly say that they want to make an impact on 100 million lives A WEEK, but Lewis Howes accomplishes that and more every single day. And it’s no wonder why - he’s a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker with a top 100 globally ranked podcast, The School of Greatness.

Lewis sat with me to get brutally honest about:

  • failures and how people laughing at him actually gives him strength
  • his assessment of what you can focus on right now to stay employed and
  • how to embrace the remote working world

There just might be a few dad jokes and a little parenting advice in there too. Join me on Instagram every Tuesday at 1pm EST.

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