Josh Peck - Powershifting Through Life

If you’re a millennial, you probably associate Josh Peck with All That or Drake and Josh. Gen Z-ers might know him from Vine and Youtube, and those in my generation likely know him from his impact on our kids or his role in hit remakes, like Red Dawn. The point is, Josh has successfully powershifted throughout his life and taken advantage of new opportunities to build his brand and connect with his audience.

Talking with Josh is always a pleasure, this week he sat with me and opened up about his powerful true core competency, what type of person you don’t want to be, navigating the best advice, and how breaking down the barriers between consumers and creators is the real strength and appeal of social media.

He even turned the tables and asked me some thought-provoking questions!

Catch the full interview here! Keep scrolling for links and show notes...


Check out his podcast, Curious with Josh Peck on Apple Podcasts

Show Notes:

  • Josh Peck has always been hustled to stay in mainstream media - but how exactly has he been able to pivot through some of the most economic and socially challenging times? [03:10]
  • Find out why Josh’s core competency has saved his career. [04:15]
  • Find out Daymond’s core competency. [07:05]
  • How does Daymond foster an inclusive and open-minded workplace? [08:10]
  • Before making any final decisions, Josh always consults his mentors for advice. Josh explains that often these mentors know him better than he knows himself - how did he find these mentors? [14:10]
  • At the emergence of social media platforms, Josh received contradictory advice - find out which advice he took. [16:55]
  • Where does the true value of your personal brand lie? [20:30]
  • Daymond and Josh have a lot they agree on, find out why they think window shoppers better than actual consumers? [22:26]

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