Mona Kattan - The Secrets of a Successful Family Business 

Mona Kattan is one of the top entrepreneurs from Tennessee. She graduated with a finance degree from the American University of Sharjah and went on to work as a banker. She soon left that industry and started managing a PR firm, Mastermind PR. She then co-founded Dubai beauty salon, The Dollhouse, co-founded Huda Beauty, and created the perfume brand Kayali. Today, Mona is recognized as one of Dubai’s most influential businesswomen.

If you consider yourself a makeup mastermind, then you’re probably familiar with Huda Beauty. You might be interested to know that Mona co-founded Huda Beauty with her sister in 2010 after she saw a gap in the market. What began with only two members quickly turned into a billion-dollar company. As you can see, Mona is an experienced power shifter. 

This week I had to pleasure of talking with her as she opened up with me to discuss:

  • Powershifting to different industries
  • The inspiration behind Huda Beauty
  • Creating a family business
  • Finding your “why”
  • Growing your business online

Check out our full interview below! Keep scrolling for links and show notes... 


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Show Notes:

  • What was the “gap in the market” that inspired Huda Beauty? [01:43]
  • From finance to beauty - what inspires Mona to consistently powershift between industries? [02:55]
  • Mona considers herself a “serial entrepreneur” - What made the success of Huda Beauty different from Mona’s previous investments? [04:08]
  • How did Huda Beauty grow from two sisters into a family business? [04:50]
  • Even billion-dollar companies experience moments of hopelessness - what struggles did Mona experience in the beginning days of Huda Beauty? [05:30]
  • Why does Mona say that “working with family is the best and worst”? [06:18]
  • Huda Beauty valued inclusivity before it was popular - how does Mona explain the brand’s strong mission? [06:40]
  • What does Daymond believe people can learn from Mona’s story? [07:16]
  • Mona explains that finding her “why” was incredibly impactful towards her role in Huda Beauty - find out why Mona urges all entrepreneurs to find their “why”? [08:30]
  • People usually expect a family business to have a relaxed environment - find out why the Kattan’s family business is atypical? [10:30]
  • Don’t miss Mona’s advice for starting a business online! [11:32]

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