What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur | Learn From a Multi-Billionaire

I got to talk to Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart E-Commerce, about how he’s become a multi-billionaire and global leader in e-commerce. Marc explains the omni-channel strategy that he believes is the future of retail, talks about augmented reality, and breaks down what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. 

In this video, we talk about:

- The entrepreneurial spirit

- Common mistakes entrepreneurs make

- Creating multiple businesses

- E-commerce vs. brick and mortar stores

- Much, much more!

Marc Lore is a serial entrepreneur - Founder and CEO of The Pit, Inc., Founder and CEO of Quidsi, and Founder and CEO of Jet.com, which reached a $1 billion gross merchandise value run rate within the first year and was acquired by Walmart. He continues to innovate and create in the world of e-commerce.

If you want to learn from someone who, according to Fortune Magazine, is one of "The Smartest People in Technology," this video is for you!


Show Notes:

  • 0:00 - Start
  • 6:18 - Having an entrepreneurial spirit
  • 11:15 - Being a serial entrepreneur & creating multiple businesses
  • 13:38 - E-commerce vs. brick and mortar stores
  • 24:36 - The mistakes entrepreneurs make
  • 28:53 - Drones
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