Little Daymond’s Ultimate Money Playbook

As a father to a 6 year old with unlimited entertainment access at her fingertips, I understand the importance of using actual fun and attention-grabbing activities when teaching any lesson. Children learn in so many different ways, and I’m on a mission to create tools that can appeal to any child and their family when it comes to learning about money.

You already know that I have my first children’s book Little Daymond Learns to Earn coming out in March where Little Daymond and his friends teach your little one all about using creativity and teamwork to learn about money and business. This mission is too important to me to hold off on giving you additional tools before the launch, and this free activity booklet lets you and your kids or students get a head start!

From money matching and counting activities to illustration prompts and spaces to imagine what their own businesses could look like based on their talents and interests, this playbook is a great guide to starting money discussions in an easy-to-follow way and with activities that kids actually enjoy and seek out! Whether your child has a more math-driven analytic perspective or falls under the more creative and curious mindset, there are activities that we know will make it possible for them to learn about money while just having fun.

Don’t miss out on the free Little Daymond Ultimate Money Playbook which has fun and easy activities to teach your kids the basics of money - available now for download!

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