LinkedIn: The Most Overlooked Social Media Marketing Platform

Is it crazy to say that when most people think of social media marketing, LinkedIn is probably the last platform on their minds?

Well, depending on what your business is, that might be a big mistake.

In this article, I’ll show you a few reasons why you should consider using LinkedIn to help grow your business.

Why Even Consider LinkedIn?

Take a look at these LinkedIn statistics:

There are 590 million LinkedIn users.

154 million of those users are American workers.

Approximately 45% of those users are in upper management.

Almost 60% of B2B advertisers on LinkedIn are happy with their return on investment.

But, more on that later.

Just looking at the above stats is it safe to say that you can find an ideal audience in that group of LinkedIn users?

How You Can Leverage LinkedIn

One thing you don't want to do with your LinkedIn marketing is spam people to buy, buy, buy from your business. 

If all of your posts are hard-selling people on your products or services those posts will most likely be ignored.

Instead, you can use LinkedIn to help position yourself as a thought leader in your industry and to grow your personal brand at the same time. 

You’ll do this by creating what some call “authority posts”.

Now, I could be wrong, but you’re probably an expert at what you do otherwise you wouldn’t be running your business. 

Meaning you’re the authority, the go-to person, to get results in your area of expertise. 

And even if you currently believe that there are too many people already in your industry on social media let me assure you, there’s plenty of room for you too. 

This is because consumers will respond differently to different people. 

Sure, that might sound overly logical, maybe even simplistic, but it’s a simple truth. 

Think about how you make buying decisions.

Have you ever had multiple options of the same or similar products or services to choose from?

Which one did you choose?

Assuming all the options are similar in price, I’ll bet you choose the one from the person or business you liked the best.


This is one of the advantages of establishing a personal brand in your business. 

Create a LinkedIn Strategy

Another factor I’ve seen people overlook with social media marketing is a lack of a planned strategy. 

A lot of people think that because it’s social media they can just randomly post whatever thoughts pop into their heads whenever they want. 

While that’s one way to do things, it’s not the best way to establish that authority and build your business. 

Consistency and structure will serve you much better than random acts of posting.

•Decide ahead of time how many times a week you’ll post.
Decide what types of posts you’ll use.
Decide what you want people to do after they start engaging with you.
Decide whether or not you’ll use all organic posts, paid advertising, or a mixture of both.

Remember earlier, in the statistics I shared with you, I said that almost 60% of B2B advertisers were happy with their ROI?

There’s a caveat to that stat I want you to keep in mind. 

Those advertisers who are happy with their ROI are probably good at marketing.

The 40% or so that aren’t happy probably aren’t good at marketing. 

So, if you’re not good at marketing yet, I suggest you start studying up now. 

In fact, when it comes to marketing on social media, I’ve got a course - Mastering Social Media - that teaches you how to create engaging content, when to post, how to find influencers, and how to track and monetize your social media. 

And if your LinkedIn and social media presence needs to be set up for the first time or refreshed to maximize growth potential, my preferred digital marketing team, SharkAGM, has a great program in place called the Digital Marketing Setup and Launchpad Service

By the way, that service includes free access to my Mastering Social Media course.

The Backend of Your LinkedIn Marketing

What do I mean by the backend of your LinkedIn marketing?

I mean at some point you need to get people off LinkedIn and get them onto a communication channel that you own. 

This means that you need a plan to collect contact information from people. 

Emails, phone numbers, Facebook messenger subscribers, and even their mailing addresses if it’s appropriate for your business. 

You also need to give people a reason to want to give you that contact information. 

A reason to want to do business with you. 

That’s why it’s so important that you have strategic posts showing you as an expert, an authority, and a trusted resource. 

Once you can move people off LinkedIn and into communication channels that you own, that's when the relationship can grow to a whole new level. 

This is also the most common place where those followers become paying customers. 

And I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re all looking for, right? 

One more thing... can get more information about the SharkAGM Digital Marketing Setup and Launchpad Service as well as my Mastering Social Media course with a complimentary marketing strategy video call. 

Simply visit to book a call time convenient for you. 

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