How to Pick the Best Social Media Platform to Make Money | Daymond John

Do you ever wonder what social media platform to post your content on?

We all know social media is a driving force in the success of our businesses. What we don't know is where to start!

There are so many platforms to choose from, and it seems like they're always coming out with more. (C'mon, I'm just getting adjusted to TikTok!Having so many platforms to share content on is a blessing for businesses, but we struggle knowing whether our content would work better on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn. Even further, we wonder if we can make money from these platforms - and if so, which one would be worthwhile?

Well, I’m here to break down exactly what you need to know to make sure you're choosing the right social media platform for your monetization goals.

Examine Your Content

First, you want to take a good look at your content and determine what platform it makes the most sense to post it on. LinkedIn has very different content and target audiences than TikTok. 
(AKA, read the room!)

Personally, I use LinkedIn for educational, business related, and career-oriented motivational content. Instagram is mostly for interactive and entertainment-based content. My YouTube channel is a mix of both.

This is because I know my audience on each platform. I read the analytics, I put up polls, I read the comments. It's easy to know what your audience wants to see online, because they can tell you!

Determine a Goal

If your goal is to market and get product sales, Facebook and Instagram are great for startup businesses. 

If you’re looking to network and connect with potential clients, however, Linkedin will help increase your opportunity to make a sale. Through Linkedin, you’re able to easily connect with people who share similar education, mutual connections or similar interests.

If you are looking to sell commercial products, LinkedIn will reach more people who are looking for software or other technical data. For instance, companies such as Dell EMC, Adobe, and Tableau Software use LinkedIn to help market their brand. 

Consider the Data

Facebook win hands down when it comes to advertising a product. 
The number one reason? Data. (Keep in mind "Facebook" includes Instagram!)

Data is what allows Facebook to target your ads directly to your desired consumer. This is HUGE for advertising!

Let’s say you have a product going for $400  - you can exclude anyone that makes less than x amount a year, because chances are these people will not be as comfortable spending $400 dollars on your product.

Data lets us target our ads based on any demographic - age, gender, location, industry. No more wasting money on ads!

The Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, it comes down to doing your research and figuring out what you need to do in order to optimize your reach. We took the time and did that research for you! It’s all right here in this YouTube video 


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