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Last month, I asked you to submit EVERY social media question you ever wanted to ask my social media manager.

This was a recurring theme...

We’ve all seen the overly-pushy, corny sales posts on social media ...

As entrepreneurs, we have to wear lots of hats. If you want your business to be successful, one of those is a salesperson. 

But let’s face it, social media has completely changed the way people buy. Nobody wants people knocking on their doors selling high-priced items, and nobody wants to be bombarded with sales online either. You have tons of competition, and plus, it just seems so difficult to actually close a sale on social media.

Gary Vee talks about the “jab, jab, jab, right hook method” - basically, you need to give value, value, value before you can hit your audience with a sales pitch

You don’t want to push sales too heavily, but if you never throw that right hook and ask for a sale, you’ll never get it.

So, what’s the solution? How can you turn leads into customers on social media AND make those customers stay for a lifetime?

Tripwires may be the solution you’re looking for.

What is a tripwire?

A tripwire is a low-priced offer that’s meant to acquire new leads who can ascend your customer journey to eventually purchase your core offer. These offers can come in the form of books, guides, templates, webinars, trials and more. The key differences between a tripwire offer and a core offer are that:

1) A tripwire is generally under $20 

2) A tripwire’s goal is not about making money (but it can help you recoup ad costs!)

The goal of a tripwire is simple: turn leads into customers. According to, “People who purchased tripwires were 10 times more likely to purchase their core offer.” 

So, a tripwire offer is all about getting that first purchase that makes a lead become a customer. But this doesn’t mean you create a crappy product, sell it, and call it day!

In order to keep these customers as returning customers, you need to show them that they can trust your brand. After purchasing your tripwire offer, the customer should be thinking “Wow, I can’t believe I’m getting this much value for such a low price!”

If your product doesn’t have the customer hooked and impressed, they won’t continue down the buying path with you.

Successful tripwires generally have these 4 things in common:

Simple & Digestible

Don’t offer every single piece of information about every topic you know in one tripwire offer. Make it simple: one topic, why it’s important and what you’ll get out of it. 

Example: A skincare company could offer you a guide on protecting your skin from the sun and send you a sample bottle of their sunscreen, but they shouldn’t be trying to sell you their whole skincare line (at least yet, anyways.)

Hard to Say No To

Your offer should feel like a great deal to the customer! It should have enough value that a customer would be missing out to not get it at such a low price. 

Remember, you’re not worried about the money as an entrepreneur here. Sure, you may feel like you’re losing money by offering something at such a low price, but money isn’t the goal here! Your goal is to gain the trust of new customers.

High Quality

Just because your tripwire offer is priced cheap doesn’t mean it should
be cheap. Don’t deceive the customer! Put time and effort into the content, the design, the buying experience and the customer interaction.

Make it quality, make it worth their time, and make it useful. 

A Little Bit Incomplete

While your offer should be very useful, it should still have the customer thinking at the end that they could be getting

Example: They’ve learned about sun protection and loved the sunscreen, but what about all the other aspects of skincare? What about all the other products, or a consultation with a licensed dermatologist? Use FOMO to your advantage: You could get even more value!

The Bottom Line...

Now that you know all the qualities your tripwire should have, get creative with it! Think about what would truly be valuable to you as a customer. A digital tripwire offer can be

Monetizing social media efforts can be an entrepreneur's dream if they know exactly how to easily get customers and make consistent sales. But for the majority of entrepreneurs, trying to stand out and be successful in a saturated environment is their worst nightmare!

If you’re not confident in your social media skills as a business owner, or just want to make sure you’re keeping up with the constantly evolving online world, I've got social media tips and strategies all over my blog and YouTube channel.

If your business isn’t utilizing social media to its full potential, you’re not really utilizing it at all.

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