Holiday Marketing Workbook for Online Businesses 2020


Somehow the leaves are already changing in upstate New York and October is suddenly here. As much as fall and the holiday season is about friends and family, as an entrepreneur, business mentor and investor, I can’t help but think about how important Q4 is to SO many business owners. 

It’s no secret that the last 3 months of the year are critical to many businesses. In fact, one-third of U.S. small businesses report that Q4 is the most profitable time of year (source). Since over 100,000 (2%) small businesses have had to shut their doors permanently in 2020, this holiday shopping season is critical...

Not only to our economy but to the livelihood of the people like YOU, who have invested their life-savings and time into a business that serves your community. 

And even in 2020, during the midst of a health and social pandemic, that’s not going to change. In fact, studies have shown that because more of us feel “stuck” at home, Christmas shopping is starting earlier this year. That means that you
need to get prepared...ASAP. 

But the pandemic also means that many small businesses are struggling. Marketing and sales teams have been reduced and business owners are scrambling to pick up the slack on their own.

That’s why I thought it was critical to develop this 2020 E-Commerce Holiday Marketing Workbook

Holiday marketing covid-19 workbook templates guide daymond john

Planning for holiday marketing is difficult enough, and this year has much more going on that business owners need to take into account. My team and I have created this workbook to guide business owners, like you, through your 2020 holiday marketing planning. Included you will find:

  • Letters and Advice From Me
  • Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get Started
  • Promotional Planning Checklists
  • Worksheet to Uncovering Your Ideal Customer
  • Promotional Calendars for October, November and December
  • 10 of My Best Subject Lines (yours to take!)
  • Tips to thriving in a COVID-19 Era

I hope that this workbook can help you make 2020 Q4 the best yet! 

If you'd like even more help planning your sales this holiday, check out my course "Crafting Your 7-Figure Sales Plan."

Download your free workbook, here!


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