D-Nice The Power Of Vulnerability

D-Nice was the official DJ for President Obama during his term in office. When he started Club Quarantine, he had 200,000 Instagram followers. He now has 1.8 million followers and has had Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and over 100,000 others tuning into Club Quarantine.

If you’re one of the millions of people who have tuned in to my friend, D-Nice’s, Club Quarantine Instagram Lives, you probably already know how influential D-Nice has been in bringing a sense of community across the world. 

My interview with D-Nice revealed many truths that apply to all of us during the pandemic. His drive to connect with people despite physical limitations is moving as he inspires all of us to discover our potential in times of uncertainty. This week he sat and got vulnerable with me about his feelings on being authentic when your true colors show during quarantine and the frustration he experienced before he realized the unlimited potential he held just in his hands. 

Hint: we all carry this same potential!

Intrigued? Check out my interview with him to hear more. Keep scrolling for links and show notes...

Tune in to Club Quarantine on Instagram at D-Nice (@dnice) • Instagram photos and videos

Show Notes:

  • Curious as to what inspired Club Quarantine? [00:48]
  • What has Club Quarantine taught Daymond? [03:00]
  • Listen to D-Nice talk about the power of being authentic. [03:53]
  • D-Nice’s frustration at the beginning of quarantine is something we can all relate to - find out how his frustration blossomed into greatness. [04:45]
  • D-Nice has realized a lot about the power of technology from Club Quarantine - what is the unlimited potential we all harness? [05:40]
  • What does Daymond believe people can learn from D-Nice’s experience? [06:15]
  • Daymond and D-Nice converse about how their industries are beneficially connected - how do these two guys help each other? [08:13]
  • Daymond never passes up an opportunity to discuss entrepreneurship - find out why he believes D-Nice represents entrepreneurship? [10:22]
  • Be honest, we’ve all used quarantine as an excuse to some extent - find out why D-Nice doesn’t believe quarantine is an excuse for laziness. [11:37]
  • Tune in to a tour of D-Nice’s Club Quarantine behind the scenes! [12:00]
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to check out D-Nice’s most important takeaway from his quarantine experience. [15:20]
  • Statistics explain that the average person will change careers 5-7 times throughout their life - find out why D-Nice can never be a club DJ again. [16:30]

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