Billy Gene Shaw - Why Facebook Ads May Be The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

After graduating from the University of San Diego, Billy Gene founded Rethink and Relive LLC, a company offering online courses to help people break addictions. He also joined Operation Smoke-Free as a campaign manager. In 2013, he started Billy Gene is Marketing, a marketing company focused on Facebook Advertising. Today, Billy Gene is Marketing is a 7-figure company.

In this week's Powertalk, I talked with marketing mogul, Billy Gene Shaw. He’s the CEO of his own Facebook Advertising marketing brand, Billy Gene is Marketing, and he has a youtube following of over 71k. During our chat today he shed some light on the mistakes businesses are making in marketing right now, how advertisement pricing has changed in the past few months, different management styles and more!

Check out our interview below! Keep scrolling for links and show notes...


Show Notes:

  • Why does Billy say that acknowledging current events is important for your business to succeed? [01:10]
  • What does Billy explain as the “lion in the room” and how should businesses address this? [04:40]
  • With current events being such a sensitive topic today - how does Billy advise us to pivot our messaging to address current issues while still marketing our product? [05:57]
  • The power of Facebook ads - find out why you should never cheap out on marketing [07:41]
  • Very recently Billy learned how detrimental arrogance can be in business - listen to the story of how he came to this conclusion [09:05]
  • The importance of asking for guidance regardless of status [12:14]
  • Billy recommends that everyone has three different groups - what are these groups and why three specifically? [15:00]

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