Barbara Corcoran - Why It’s A Great Time To Launch A Business

“There are 10 reasons not to do everything in life and usually 1 reason to do it” - Barbara Corcoran

At 22 years old, Barbara Corcoran quit her waitressing job,  borrowed $1000, and launched a business that turned into a $66 million dollar empire. She founded The Corcoran Group, a successful Real Estate company, authored a book, launched a podcast, and is a fellow shark on hit show Shark Tank. She’s invested in over 80 businesses and continues to teach others how to be successful through motivational speaking. Today, Barbara is one of the most creative sharks and successful businesswomen

During these unprecedented times, entrepreneurs and business-oriented individuals alike are unsure and fearful about properly managing their businesses. But don’t worry, Barbara is here to help! Her positive attitude and unique coping mechanisms reveal that now is actually the best time for business. 

This week I had the chance to catch up with Barbara and chat about

  • Advice for people who have lost jobs during COVID-19
  • Investing in your business from home
  • Staying connected with your team
  • Launching a business in bad times

Check out our interview below! Keep scrolling for links and show notes...


Show Notes:

  • COVID has brought with it a whole new set of challenges that every person must face - find out Barbara’s advice for staying positive and motivated for those who have been recently unemployed [01:23]
  • During the pandemic, Barbara finds it helpful to welcome new people in her life - who exactly are these individuals? [03:33]
  • How does Daymond define the difference between Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary? [04:16]
  • Barbara does not believe COVID is as bad as other tragedies we have experienced - what exactly is Barbara referring to? [06:26]
  •  Barbara and Daymond negate fears associated with how the pandemic will affect money - what are these worries and why shouldn’t we worry? [07:55]
  • Why does Daymond say you can renegotiate anything? [09:10]
  •  How to stay focused on your business goals from home - Barbara’s step by step guide [10:24]
  • Why does Daymond say that now is a great time to be heard? [13:50]
  • What is the one thing Barbara has done with her staff well since quarantine began? [14:41]
  • Daymond - How to use your retail industry to your advantage [16:00]
  • Why does Barbara believe now is a great time to launch a business? [19:00]
  • What may seem like the worst time to start a business may actually be the best time - find out what the startups resulted from the 2008 financial crisis? [21:30]
  • What is Barbara’s and Daymond’s advice for younger people to continue growing their networks during the pandemic [23:04]
  • Why does Barbara say that today it’s easier than ever before to reach out and use the phone? [25:07]
  • Daymond doesn’t want anyone to think that he and Barbar and immune to the effects of the pandemic - find out why Daymond and Barbara are just like everyone else [26:35]
  • While Barbara understands that her life is not like everyone else's, she does admit that humans are suffering from fear and worry regardless of status - what does Barbara do to mitigate her anxiety? [27:27]
  • What is Barbara’s last tip for being productive at home? [31:28]

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