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Calling all advertising and marketing executives and everyone interested in this industry - the following is part of a limited content series I’m releasing called Advertising & Innovation, brought to you by The Shark Group and the London International Awards. In this series, I sit with some of the most forward-thinking, strategic creatives and executives to explore how the advertising industry is evolving and how to master it for your business and clients. 

Every reader here has likely experienced some Dole Sunshine product without giving it a second thought, but as I learned from my in depth interview with Global CMO Rupen Desai, each purchase is the result of a carefully calculated advertising push. Rupen isn’t just trying to secure sales, though - he set out to make a difference in the world and locked in Dole’s purpose as fighting nutritional deficits and food scarcities. His fascinating revelations into how brands can identify their purpose, how they speak to customers in a way that makes customers want to be part of the movement, how employees can best package their ideas to be heard by executives, and so much more are insights that business owners need to tune into.

Check out our interview below!
In this interview, you’ll learn about:

  • How the advertising industry has shifted in past decades
  • The brand purpose checklist all business owners need to implement
  • How to become a brand that does more than just sell products
  • The key ways to speak to your customers as people first, not just consumers, and make them feel their value
  • How COVID has impacted purpose-led models
  • How employees can package their mission and purpose goals in a way that makes executives listen and actually want to implement them into the company

Here’s a brief on Rupen Desai and how he secured his reputation as a powerful marketer:

  • Started his advertising career with Mullen Lowe, where he spent two decades, leading the Asia-Pacific region for the last six years
  • Served as Vice Chairman across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa for Edelman during which he led Edelman’s Women’s Leadership Network for the region and sat on board of Female Founders, a non-profit organization dedicated to the pursuit of gender equality in entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Co-founded TS/28 to partner with purposeful organizations and help them thrive in the conscious economy
  • Currently the Global Chief Marketing Officer for Dole Sunshine Company

Check out our interview below!

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