Display of Power – Point of the Week

(This post was taken from Daymond’s column on www.urbanworldwireless.com)

This week is the time to concentrate on muscle strengthening. There is no way to be successful Without understanding your body and how it works. There is a key muscle in your body that is often overlooked; like all, it needs constant nutrients, conditioning, and rest. It can be damaged if you put the wrong products in it; if trained incorrectly, it can leave you handicapped for the rest of your life. The good thing is that once it expands, it takes a lot of neglect and abuse to reduce its size. The bad thing is that it takes years to train it and you can’t see the results in the mirror right away. If you haven’t figured it out already…IT’S YOUR BRAIN!!!! All with real TRUE POWER know that “the most important muscle in the world is your brain”. Exercise it well and have a great week. – Daymond John

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