Display of Power – Point of the Week

(This post was taken from Daymond’s weekly column on www.urbanwireless.com)

INAUGURATION: Websters Dictionary breaks it down as: to make the formal beginning of, to initiate, to commence, to begin. We as a nation, a people and color will also be held responsible for the new beginning! Barack Obama has decided to take on the job of Commander and Chief of the most powerful country in the world at the darkest time of our nation as a economic superpower and as of nation of free will.

On Tuesday, we will witness him lay his heart and hand on the 200-year old bible of Abraham Lincoln and swear his dedication, and oath, to this country, and to the people who will live and die for the flag. Are you willing to help this man lead us out of a recession? Are you ready to make sure he is judged not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character? Are you willing to NOT let him let us down?

For the first time in history, are you proud to say “That’s my president and I back all of his decisions”? If so, any person with TRUE POWER knows that “A TRUE LEADER IS JUDGED NOT BY HIS ACTIONS, BUT BY THE ACTIONS OF THE PEOPLE HE LEADS”. Just like Barack, we now all have a responsibility to change, a new beginning, a new duty. Give him the support he needs to change this nation. You can run around bragging that your president is black, but are you ready to except the change that is coming? Because change starts with you! Remember – We are one! Have a great week – Daymond John

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