Display of Power – Point of the Week

(This post was taken from Daymond’s weekly column in www.urbanworldwireless.com)

As our economy continues to decline and unemployment continues to rise, the only thing you can be certain about is that you are definitely uncertain about your job, your money and your future. Now is the time for you to show courage and take more control of your life! I’m sure you’re saying that statement is so much easier said than done. You may not feel like you were built with the type of courage to overcome these obstacles, or the courage to leave your safety net, or the courage to risk it all…well you are wrong!! Those with “TRUE POWER” know that “GOD DOES NOT GIVE YOU COURAGE! HE ONLY GIVES YOU CHANCES TO BE COURAGEOUS!” Keep this in mind and you will know when the time is right to take more control of your life. Have a blessed week! – Daymond John.

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