Display of Power – Point of the Week

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HOW? vs. WHY? This week, when you head to work or to whatever drives you, take a moment to think about how you got to this point in life. How will youhandle this week? How will you move forward in the future? Once you’ve conqueredthe how, the more important question will be…why?! Why did you take those

Why will you handle what you will handle this week? Why will you move forward in the future? A man with power schooled me once to an important way to look at life. He told me that people with power know that “THOSE WHO KNOW HOW, WILL ALWAYS HAVE A JOB! BUT THOSE WHO KNOW WHY WILL ALWAYS BE THEIR BOSSES”!

I wish you a great week and as I search for the reason why, I hope you find it as well!

– Daymond John

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