Display of Power – Point of the Week

(This post was taken from Daymond’s column on www.urbanwireless.com)

FOOLS…I’m going to keep it light-hearted this week. Let’s think about the people we know that tend to make fools of themselves. They have the least going on, but talk the most – Jack-of-all-trades and masters of none. They’re never satisfied until they look like a total fool. Even after that, they don’t learn their lesson and keep repeating their foolish ways and actions. But the worst part about fools is that they don’t take responsibility for any of their actions, and you are the one that usually has to come to the rescue or repair the damage they’ve caused (kind of like a pet monkey!)

Those with “TRUE POWER” know that “THE HIGHER A MONKEY CLIMBS A TREE, THE MORE YOU’LL SEE HIS ASS!” Lol! I wish you a great week and always try to keep those monkeys off your back (we all have them!)

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