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(This post was taken from Daymond’s weekly column on www.urbanwireless.com)

LOVE vs. NEED…This week, give some thought to the relationship you may be in. As we enter relationships in our lives, we normally hope that they grow to be something of great value. The traditional way we start is as two people enjoying each other’s company; then hopefully we move more into the area of love, marriage, family, partners and companions for life.

From the beginning to the end, the love and the need for each other should always grow. But ask yourself what is more important – to be loved or to be needed? When a person becomes important in your life, both will play a major part. But “need” can often be a greedy and selfish act on one’s part that eventually damages the relationship.

Those with “TRUE POWER” understand that “THE BEST RELATIONSHIP IS THE ONE IN WHICH YOUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER EXCEEDS YOUR NEED FOR EACH OTHER.” Have a great week as you put love before need in your relationships.

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-Daymond John

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