Display of Power – Point of the Week

MISTAKES…This week, think about all the mistakes you’ve made in the course of your life. The younger you were, the more mistakes and bad decisions you made. As you mature in life, you make fewer and fewer mistakes due to the knowledge you’ve acquired along the way. As you grow, you also gain more and more fear of not wanting to make as many mistakes. The fear of making mistakes and facing embarrassment becomes so strong that it stunts your growth. You stop trying new things, you stop taking chances and you may even stop believing in your dreams.

Once the fear of making mistakes becomes so overwhelming, you stop progressing in life. All people with “TRUE POWER” understand that “IF YOU ARE NOT MAKING A LOT OF MISTAKES IN LIFE, THEN YOU AREN’T MAKING A LOT OF MOVES IN LIFE!” Questions and comments are welcome at here or let me stretch ya mind daily on twitter @ daymondjohnFubu.

Have a great week and understand that mistakes are a part of life!

Daymond John

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