Display of Power – Point of the Week

This post was taken from Daymond’s weekly column on (www.urbanworldwireless.com)

This week’s column is for those who already possess Power. If you think that is not you, you are most likely wrong! Most of us only think power is to have control over a large amount of people or resources, but power is to have control over anything. Power can be as small as having control over a pet, a relationship, a household, or a big as leading a staff, children, an event or anything else where people put trust and faith in your leadership.

When a person has control over others, they have the liberty to serve for the better of all or to serve their own needs only. This week ask yourself, who do you really serve in the relationships in which you possess the power? The best way to sum it up is for me to thank @sexytiki from Twitter for reminding me of a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln: “NEARLY ALL MEN CAN STAND ADVERSITY, BUT IF YOU WANT TO REALLY TEST A MAN’S CHARACTER…GIVE HIM POWER!”

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Have a great week!


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