Converting my hustle to a real business

If you’re slinging that many records on the street, what is the purpose of you taking a record deal? Especially with the record business in a mess! It’s obvious that the record company is aware that you probably know more than they do. At this point, they want to dangle a carrot over your head and get paid off of you. If you sold 50K records at $10 apiece, you are probably profiting 400K and you own your masters. But if you deal with a label – after paying for their staff, ads, street teams and everything else – you will have to sell 2 million records and still not own your product.

If what you are looking for is that “big look” videos, then f— it and do it yourself. Take 200K out of that profit and make two videos on your own which will reinvest in your own brand, and then you can pocket the rest of the money. The “POWER” to leverage your knowledge of the market and keep flipping your money is the name of the game – all the way from the street corner hustler to Donald Trump. It never stops! WORK SMART, NOT HARD. Get ya Berry Gordy/Master P/Cash Money on homie!

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