Moving on a good idea…

That’s funny. When I started making hats in the hood, all my drug dealing homies made fun of me. Now I put money on their books sometimes when they write me from jail. If I were you, I would go to Build-A-Bear, watch the process, get books on manufacturers, and find a company that makes “private label bears.” Then I would sit with your daughters, draw some dolls and get their input. The ones that your daughters and their friends like the most, I would put in 1 or 2 local stores. If they sell, you may be on your way to a great family business. If they don’t, you have shared some quality time doing something with your little girls. It’s a win-win homie!

As for your boys advice…if they know so much, why are they living next to you in the hood? True “POWER” is “TO SEE OPPORTUNITY ALL AROUND YOU WHEN OTHERS DON’T. THAT’S WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A REAL VISIONARY.”

Good luck.

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