Understand the motives of others…

Hey Justice! I think we all can agree that the music industry is foul. Actually, all business is foul if you don’t have all legal documents in order. So first, get a lawyer and make sure your paperwork is straight.
When playing chess, do you get mad or stop playing every time your opponent makes a move? Do you question their intentions? No, because you know they are just positioning themselves to win. Well, it’s the same in life.  People always take action against you to “try to win”. But you don’t have to spite yourself by getting angry and cutting people off.  To be successful you have to understand the motives of others. If you cut everybody off, you will have no one to work with or for you.
True “POWER” is being able to make people feel comfortable, be aware of their good and foul potential, and don’t take it personally.  People will be people!  We can always play strong – but “IS A WEEPING WILLOW STRONG OR WEAK BECAUSE IT BENDS WHEN THE WIND BLOWS?” Learn to be flexible homie! And you will learn how to succeed in the game!

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