Being successful is not selling out

When FUBU was red hot!, we had several offers to sell but we didn’t take them because several people were saying we should “keep it real!”  Well those same people are now the first ones to say, “I wouldn’t be caught dead in FUBU.”  So you can’t pay attention to that. You have to consider if the investor’s money is needed, is it a good deal, and will you have control.  If all those work for you, then get the deal poppin!  As for selling out, what the hell are we in business for but to “sell out!”  When a concert is sold out, a store is sold out of an inventory or a hotel is sold out of rooms – it’s always a great thing for the owner.  The bottom line is the bottom line.  True POWER is to “FORM ALLIANCES IN LIFE AND BUSINESS AND NOT JUDGE THEM UPON COLOR BUT UPON CHARACTER.”  See ya at the top homie!

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