You are the brand! Not the product.

You have a good problem! First of all, you are the brand! Not the product. We buy into Microsoft because we buy Bill Gates, the same with Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Spielberg, Trump, etc., etc.  So if the brand (you) is afraid to negotiate then the brand will be afraid to act when hard times come.  This is the reason the big guys want you to stay on, so you can update, and make the right moves in the company to change with the times.  If freedom and your own brand name is what you want, then find a way to negotiate that with them.  If they want you bad enough, they will make it work! TRUE POWER IS WHAT JFK ONCE SAID, “WE SHOULD NEVER NEGOTIATE OUT OF FEAR, BUT WE SHOULD NEVER FEAR TO NEGOTIATE.” See you at the top homie!
Daymond John

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