Call your mentor and get paid together

Nah, that’s not crabs in the barrel, it’s much worse!!! Crabs don’t intentionally help the other, they just try to pull each other down.  In your case, he gave you your first chance and you advanced quickly.  He could have ignored you or kept you in one department, so you could be neutralized and no threat.  I would suggest do what real power players do. If you guys own the 2 biggest companies in town, form a 3rd company 50/50 each and snatch up all the business out there.  In Kanye West’s new song “Big Brother” he described what “TRUE POWER” is when talking about Jay-Z, “If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell ‘em.  People never get the flowers while they are still here to smell ‘em.” Call your ex boss and mentor and get paid together!!!!
Daymond John

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