Balance business and your family

It sounds like you’ve made the right moves! You have successfully invested in the right businesses, artists, and stocks. I’m sure this wasn’t easy, but it paid off. If you are not strapped for cash, I do agree that you should invest in a new business! And the new business should be “your family.” You can still look at a new venture as well. I’m sure you didn’t invest in only 1 artist and your portfolio probably has many stocks also. Treat your life the same. Nobody has ever been on their deathbed and said “I should’ve spent more time in the office.”  TRUE POWER is to “BALANCE YOUR LIFE.”  If you’ve managed artists, then I’m sure you will have no problem managing your family to be superstars in whatever path in life they choose. And you never know, maybe they can give you some ideas on the new business.  It might end up being a family business!!
Daymond John

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