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Have you ever asked yourself, what do I really want in life? Why am I here? Why do or don’t I have the things I want? The simple answer to most of those questions will be money. Here is a simple but very real test! Ask yourself the question of “why” 10 to 15 times after your answers. Example:

* What do I want in life? Money

* Why? Because I will be able to buy the things I can’t afford.

* Why can’t I afford them? Because I don’t make enough at work.

* Why don’t I Make enough at work? Because I just started this position.

* Why? Because I was in a relationship and the one I loved didn’t want me to work.


ANYWAY! You get it? If you answer with total honesty, you may not like the final answer that will be provided. This answer will be so pure that it will either force you to change, or it will force you to back away and develop another layer to mask what you are really worth. If you do decide to take the most painful route and face your imperfections face to face, then you will quickly realize that all your pain and sorrow stems from these deeply hidden issues. The good thing is that once you know the issue and are willing to face it, you can cure it quickly.

All people with “TRUE POWER” know what author Doris Mortman said, “Until you make peace with who you are, you will never be content with what you have. “Thanks for your support of me on twitter @TheSharkDaymond and on my new show ‘Shark Tank’ on ABC Sunday nights @ 9pm. Please enjoy the week.


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