Why we NEED haters in business

In starting and ultimately running your own business, every single one of you will have to deal with haters.

Those are the people that that don’t want you to succeed, and they are always trying to pull you down to their level with negativity. For whatever reason they have to hate (jealousy, mostly), these people also tend to be the loudest. They will criticize you with every possible opportunity, and try to turn others against you.

But should you just ignore these people? Absolutely not. Sometimes, if you are able to sift through all the negativity, they can offer valuable insight into your product that you may have never thought of before. Maybe they have a valid reason for their animosity, and there might be something you can do to change their minds, which could also lead you to a better product. Just whatever you do, don’t fall into their trap by throwing insults back and forth, because it can make you look petty and weak, and they win.

Remember, it is up to you to offer the best product you can, and that means looking at the negative feedback just as much as you would the positive.

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