Pressure Makes Diamonds…

This may be a throwback to high school health class, but there are two types of stress:  Distress and Eustress. Distress causes you to make errors, flawed decisions and plans with unforeseen consequences. Eustress is the positive pressure placed upon you when you are in your groove.

Everyone knows what I’m talking about when I say that sometimes you get in to a zone. Sometimes when you may have a lot going on but yet you feel like everything is happening at the perfect pace.  Or as one of my favorite expressions goes, like the ground is rising up to meet your feet.  The goal is to strive to extend that feeling of being able to handle everything that gets thrown at you because the only alternative is to be overwhelmed and swept aside.  How you handle this pressure can not only define you, but it can also define your future.  It takes unimaginable pressure to make a diamond, while at the same time, it only takes a fraction of that pressure also bust pipes wide open.

When it comes, how will you handle pressure?  Will you be a diamond or a pipe?

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