The Importance of Originality…

A common hurdle that trips up many large organizations at one time or another is the loss of originality. Many companies use logos, slogans and advertisement campaigns that seem to blend in with one another. This happens when one good idea is emulated and a shift in advertising focus can be seen. If one of the big athletic apparel companies moves away from gritty, sweaty athletes on the field and towards a more colorful, stylized campaign then you’ll probably see other companies shift their ad emphasis also.

The goal of any one who advertises is to be the one to come up with that art-style, that jingle or that slogan which everyone remembers. You can make an ad and just let it exist or you can aggressively get in to people’s heads with something so catchy that they can’t help but pass it along to other consumers.

Is your style something to emulate?

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