Fousquare gains traction with the Governator

I’m not sure if you all are up on Foursquare yet, but it seems to be poised to be the next break out internet sensation. Launched at the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX last year, Foursquare is a mobile app that lets you broadcast, via a”check in” function, which venues, such as restaurants, retail outlets, clubs, stadiums, and pretty much anywhere people can go, that you have recently visited.

The app basically tells your friends that you have arrived via the “check in”, and you can even leave behind tips for your friends when they go to the same spot.  Foursquare has been gaining a lot of traction over the last year and now that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has opened a Foursquare account, could this signal a coming out party for hot start up?

Is Foursquare the next Twitter or it it the next Friendster?
Let me know your thoughts!


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