Sharpening Your Skills…

A smart businessman will look at a product and immediately think about how he can make it better. He’ll ask himself, “How can I market this better, to more people, with more focus?”. He’ll survey the product and how it’s branded, then weigh in his mind the successes and errors of it’s branding. What has gotten it this far and what is holding it back from going further? In the end, the smart businessman won’t be able to do anything to better the product, service or item that he just contemplated. Instead he’ll take that knowledge to refine his own plan of action.

The amazing thing about branding is that it is all around us all the time. Doctors don’t live in hospitals and lawyers don’t live in courts.  But if you are an entrepreneur obsessed with branding yourself, you live 24/7 in a world of marketing. You have the opportunity to examine competitive branding at every moment, so you had better be taking advantage of it.

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