Make Them Believe It…

“This is a fact of paramount significance: Each human being, whether he lives in India or Indianapolis, whether he’s ignorant or brilliant, civilized or uncivilized, young or old, has this desire: He wants to feel important.” – David J. Schwartz

Making people feel important is the cornerstone of marketing. Think about the typical slogans you hear claiming this product will ‘increase interest in the opposite sex’ or ‘ make you the envy of you particular social circle’. Advertisers know that the prestige and recognition are deeply rooted human desires and they pitch their product to customers accordingly.

Brand loyalty is fostered when you make good on that promise. When the buyer sees your advertisement and they picture themselves as that model, 50 feet tall on the side of the building, they have to feel the same way when they take your item home from the store. If the product is true, and branded correctly, they will.

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