Consistently Recreate Your Image…

I want to talk for a minute about bucking the trends. About getting people out of their comfort zones and about reinventing yourself in an interesting and intriguing way, in order to keep on the bleeding edge. If you look at the big names of the last 40 years, you see that one thing they have in common is that they went through phases. the Beatles worked the Mop-Top look for a while until they turned in to  bearded, Marching Band members. Madonna has changed her image plenty of times, remaining her look over and over again… from the flapper-nouveau bombshell look in Dick Tracy to Rave-lite rainbow look of Confessions on a Dance Floor, Madonna has reinvented herself consistently. By doing this she has kept people from becoming complacent, and they flock to her every transformation. The list goes on… Janet Jackson, Neil Young and many other performers have done this. Is there a way that you can mix things up while maintaining your integrity? Can you benefit from an interesting change?

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